It's not just code.

May, 2016
TLS 1.x encryption in your Sertifi Integration

Update 5/18/2016: Sertifi recently dropped SSL in favor of TLS1.2. For those of you using System.Net based webservices, please check out this StackOverflow article. In…   more

May, 2015
Urban Airship Export via their API

If you’ve decided to move away from Urban Airship, you’ve likely noticed that they don’t supply an easy to use export method. Instead, the only…   more

October, 2013
Umbraco admin locked timeout solution

I’ve been working with Umbraco, a .NET CMS, lately and it’s loaded with interesting features.  One of which is the goodly amount of caching going…   more


Whether you're building an interactive web application or just need to know your options when it comes to usable software in your industry, I'd like to help by presenting a variety of software solutions and helping you integrate these solutions with your existing packages.


I tend to get involved with clients who, over the years, have amassed a variety of data sources. A Sql Server here, a couple of disparate MySql instances there, and pretty soon the water gets muddy when you need accurate reporting. I'm happy to help pull everything together, and I enjoy creating a nice dashboard-style reporting interface.


I've been programming for the past decade using .NET / Classic ASP / Sql Server or a LAMP setup. I typically use jQuery, and I like Expression Engine as a concise developer's tool. I don't do any design work, but I often work with designers to help them with slicing (CSS/HTML conversion) and to add functional points to their web apps. I've been working independently for the past few years.